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 Dobner Open Cell Ceilings - Description


The material consists of aluminium alloy AIMn 1 Mg 0.5 to DIN 1725.

Behaviour in fire

Non-combustible construction materials, Class A in compliance with DIN 4102 (A 1, A 2).


The visible face of the strips is tove-enamelled and is avaiable in all RAL colours. The polyester paint has a thickness of 20 mµ, is corrision-resistant, light-fast, abrasion-resistant, frost-resistant, water repellent, odour-free and electrostatically non chargeable.
All strips are coated with a transparent protective paint with a thickness of 5 mµ on the rear side.

Mechanical construction

The mechanical construction is designed to allow the elements to intermesh.
The cross rails are suspended in the mounting rails and the louvered ceiling elements are then inserted in the resultant frames.

Standard sizes

600 x 600 mm
625 x 625 mm
'625 x 1,250 mm
600 x 1,200 mm

Profile width: 12-15 mm
Material thickness: 0.5 mm
Profile heights: 40, 50, 60 mm

Standard grid dimensions

50, 60, 62.5, 75, 86, 100, 120, 125, 150, 200, 300 mm


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